Honeywell / Miller Miller H-Design Quick-fit Vest

Honeywell / Miller Miller H-Design Quick-fit Vest

Miller H-Design harnesses fitted with a new lightweight vest to put them on in an even easier and quicker way. ...More information
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Product description

This removable vest is available with 2 points H-Design harnesses with stretch webbing, automatic buckles, sternal loops or D-ring version.


2-pt Duraflex® stretch harness with front and rear anchorage (from webbing loops) and quick buckles. Lightweight, durable polyester vest jacket with front zipper, mulitple pockets, extra shoulder padding and lateral loops. Mulitple adjustments for perfect fit. Pressure studs between lining and jacket allow ready access for harness inspection. Both harness and the vest offer excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. 


Benefits :


Engineered for peak performance in all conditions, the Duraflex® strectch vest harness combines all the benefits of a Duraflex® harness in a highly comfortable and pratical vest.