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The Peli Case 1200 Silver is the durable case for storing your equipment. ...More information
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Product description

The Peli Case 1200 yellow is resistant to the most extreme conditions. For example, the Peli Case 1200 is orange waterproof, dustproof and impact resistant, making it the ideal case for storing and transporting vulnerable equipment. This is due to the ultra high impact polypropylene copolymer wall of 5.3mm thickness. Because of this, the suitcase is very lightweight despite its strength. The skins of the Peli Case 1200 Silver are made of stainless steel The automatic pressure relief valve on the De Peli Case 1200 Oranjebevind vented the suitcase while holding water molecules outside. This makes the Peli Case 1200 Silver easy to transport in, for example, an airplane cargo space. The Peli Case 1200 is IP67 • DEF STAN 81-41 / STANAG 4280 certified, featuring two step closures that easily open the case and seal watertight.