Reach and Rescue Flotation collar

Reach and Rescue Flotation collar

This is a buoyancy aid that is designed to capture and automatically tighten around the victim in the water. ...More information
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Product description

It can also be used to lift a human or animal up to a height whilst providing a cushioned hold.

How to use
The flotation collar comes with a sleeved fitting. The sleeved fitting is designed to slide over the pole top fitting which secures it in place using double sprung button mechanism. A second line can be attached to the main collar metal eye to aid heavy lifting. The device floats for easy reaching the casualty. It is capable to keep a human afloat on its own buoyancy.

    • Material: Stainless Steel, webbing and foam inset, nylon coating


    • Length/ Width: Opening diameter 45cm


    • Weight: 700 gr.


    • Operating temperature: -5° C tot +70° C


    • Storage temperature: -45° C tot +70° C


    • Dimensions: 188mm (l) x 40mm (w) x 95,5mm (h)